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Isotechnics is your personal team of IT experts. We’ve got your tech covered, so you can focus on your property. Our promise is to deliver a consistent, responsive, high-quality service that you can always depend on.

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Free Consultation

An initial call to learn everything about your property: your goals, values, requirements, pain points, and to answer any questions you may have. Additional calls may take place as necessary to provide you with what you need.


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Audits & Documentation

For properties with existing infrastructure and limited information, we perform a series of audits to identify deficiencies in architecture and configuration, risks, opportunities for cost savings, and provide updated drawings, and inventory lists. All findings are presented and explained upon completion.


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Documentation Package

Deliver a complete documentation package with findings along with a plan and quote.


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We execute all tasks based on the mutually agreed-upon scope, always with a keen sense of urgency. For active networks, we employ rigorous change management controls to reduce downtime, keep all stakeholders informed, and ensure a comprehensive implementation alongside a contingency plan.


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Ongoing Maintenance

Moving forward, we remain dedicated to the meticulous care of your property, ensuring seamless operations. We continuously seek ways to optimize and enhance efficiency at every opportunity. Additionally, we stand by you with prompt and consistent support, ready to address any incidents or requests that emerge.


What we offer

Isotechnics provides IT infrastructure management of commercial buildings, delivering services that emphasize the highest standards in network security and reliability. Our approach is designed to create a worry-free environment for you by expertly handling all aspects of IT management, enabling you to concentrate on your core business activities, secure in the knowledge that your IT systems are in capable hands.


24/7 technical support with guaranteed response times

Remote management and on-site service calls

Day-to-day operational activities

Routine firmware and security updates

Hardware and licensing management

Documentation, logging, reporting, and backups

Isotechnics specializes in constructing high-speed fibre networks for buildings and campuses, expertly optimized for critical applications such as CCTV, access control, building automation, and more. Our capabilities encompass every stage from planning and design to procurement and implementation. Our end-to-end approach ensures a tailored, efficient network solution for your specific needs.


Project scoping and planning

Network architecture and design

Equipment selection and procurement

Installation, cabling, and programming

Secure remote access configuration

As-built documentation

Isotechnics builds high-density Wi-Fi systems for a variety of properties, including shopping centres, office towers, and apartment complexes. Our expertise covers every aspect of the project, from conducting in-depth site surveys to selecting the ideal solution, as well as precise access point placement, installation, and comprehensive management. We provide a streamlined, all-inclusive approach, ensuring robust and efficient wireless connectivity that meets the specific demands of each unique property.


Wireless Site Surveys

Project scoping and planning

Network architecture and design

Equipment selection and procurement

Installation, cabling, and programming

As-built documentation

Isotechnics offers advanced, high-definition CCTV solutions tailored to meet the unique security needs of each commercial property. Our approach involves a comprehensive assessment to design a surveillance system that strategically covers critical areas such as entry points, high-traffic zones, and sensitive spots. This bespoke strategy ensures that our CCTV systems go beyond generic setups, offering a customized solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure for optimal surveillance coverage.


Project scoping and planning

CCTV design

Equipment selection and procurement

Installation, cabling, and programming

As-built documentation

Isotechnics offers professional IT auditing services to address your specific concerns, whether it's enhancing documentation of your IT environment, fortifying risk management, optimizing cost efficiency, or addressing other crucial operational aspects. All findings are documented in a comprehensive package, replete with in-depth insights and actionable recommendations.


Network Infrastructure Audit

IT Security Audit

Cost Savings Analysis

Backup & Ransomware Audit

We provide services for safeguarding your data against unforeseen threats like ransomware attacks and other disaster scenarios. Our team works closely with you to develop and implement a robust backup strategy, ensuring your vital information remains secure and easily recoverable. We utilize cutting-edge technology and best practices in data protection to create resilient backup solutions, tailored to your specific needs.


Backup strategy implementation

Ransomware playbook

Disaster recovery planning

Customer stories

Some of our work

Calgary, AB

CORE Shopping Center

Built new fibre network and migrated all devices
Setup high-density Wi-Fi for shoppers
Implemented backup strategy for critical data
Delivered consistent IT management for 8+ years

"The team at Isotechnics have proven to be an absolute asset to our facility.  They approach network management in a diligent and proactive manner.  When addressing challenges, they take a pragmatic and customer centric approach to solutions, in a timely and professional manner."

Clint Godsoe

Security and Life Safety Manager at Cushman & Wakefield

Edmonton, AB

Londonderry Mall

Performed complete audit of Network & Security
Remediated Network & Security deficiencies
Performed cost savings audit and recommendations
Delivered comprehensive documentation of property IT from scratch
Completed series of changes to clean up, organize, and ensure consistency

"In the summer of 2023 I reached out to Isotechnics to assist us with a number of challenges we were facing related to our Fibre Network Infrastructure and CCTV systems at our building.  Over the course of several months, Tim and his team did a fantastic job identifying deficiencies and finding solutions to our problems. I have found that Isotechnics is very diligent and thorough with all aspects of their work and have been amazing partners to work with at our building."

Kevin Kelly

Security Manager

Calgary, AB

Centre 10

Re-architected network to meet best practices
Upgraded and replaced all switches
Created cost savings by reducing Meraki footprint
Installed new racks and re-cabled everything neatly

“Isotechnics brings to the table a wealth of experience, skills, ideas and the ability to translate those to clients in a professional and time sensitive manner. Working with Isotechnics has been both positive and productive.”

Mike Seward

General Manager at Cushman & Wakefield

Calgary, AB

Southland Park

Designed and built new fibre switch network
Assisted with seamless migration of all devices from the old network
Performed wireless site survey and implemented new Wi-Fi system

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